Not so much at our recent cookout that we went to. Promised extremely filling meaty options, the rain forced our hosts to change the menu to sushi and random less-filling finger foods. “No!” we demanded, “Hearty fare!”

They couldn’t deliver and I spent all night wishing for a hot dog. So tonight, for dinner, I made hot dogs. No hamburgers.

We didn’t have any buns and I didn’t want to run to the store just for that, so I improvised buns by folding over slices of whole wheat bread. This didn’t work, as the bread was slightly brittle (when is whole wheat bread ever as satisfyingly soft as its less-good-for-you white bread cousins) but we forged on.

An already chopped up onion that was supposed to go on our Friday night pizza (but didn’t quite make it on) was quickly sauteed and spooned on top of the yummy hot dogs. Topping it with sweet relish, yellow mustard and ketchup, this was quite a filling meal. I rounded it out by chopping up a carrot into slices (no more baby carrots for us!) and topping some blackberries and sliced strawberries with a healthy dollop of plain yogurt.

All in all, super-filling, super-satisfying. And I got my hot dog fix.