I’d bought three beautiful Italian peppers from the Farmer’s Market last week without any thought of what I’d do with them. Then the solution came to me – fajitas! I’ve always loved them and Martin, who never made time in his life for fajitas, tried them a few weeks ago and loved them. The fajitas were nothing out of the ordinary but this recipe provided about 11 fajitas, for future reference, and was cooked in a 12″ skillet.

Chicken Fajitas

3 medium-sized Italian peppers (probably equivalent to 2 medium-sized bell peppers)

1/2 sweet yellow onion

Mushrooms as desired

1 clove garlic

Olive oil

2 chicken breasts

Preparation: Prepare large skillet for cooking. Set oven to warm for tortillas.

1/ Slice chicken, peppers and onion into long strips for optimal fajita-making. Mince garlic.

2/ When oil is nice and hot, place garlic in skillet and saute until golden brown.

3/ Add chicken and sprinkle generously with pepper. Cook until most of the chicken is done. Add vegetables, season with salt and pepper, and cook until tender.

4/ Serve!

Servings: 11 fajitas

Before starting the fajitas, I also laid the table out beforehand, spooning sour cream, salsa and chips into small condiment bowls. I should have made rice but didn’t have any on hand. I also made my own guacamole. Everyone’s idea of guacamole is always different – chunky versus smooth, to tomato or not, salsa what what? But here is my personal favorite version of guacamole, so I shall dub it Melanie’s Guacamole

Melanie’s Guacamole

1 – 2 medium sized avocados

Red onion

Jalapeno peppers

Garlic powder



Lime juice and / or hot sauce

Preparation: Let avocados ripen.

1/ Cut avocados in half and remove pit. With knife, score a grid pattern through the avocado, piercing the avocado entirely but not the skin. Scoop out with spoon. You should now have a delectable pile of avocado cubes in your bowl.

2/ Mince jalapeno pepper and add a little, with the seeds. Finely chop the red onion and also add a little. Give a few shakes each of pepper, salt and garlic powder. If you have hot sauce or lime juice on, also add a couple of shakes or a quick squirt.

3/ With form, mix up everything. This motion will also partially mash up the avocado cubes for you.

4/ Taste. Add more of whatever flavor is missing and keep mixing, trying to smooth the edges of the avocado cubes but keeping it CHUNKY. I usually add a medium-size slice off of a red onion and 3/4 of a jalapeno pepper. The result is a nicely chunky guacamole with a kick. KICK IT.

Servings: Just right for generous spoonfuls onto 11 fajita