I was reading up on new pie crust recipes and came across one that used yogurt rather than shortening. I thought, “Hey, that sounds interesting. I should try it.” And so I did, to make the crust for my chicken pot pie.

The original recipe was in grams and so I used the Internets to convert this to cups measurements. However, upon later reflection, I think I did that wrong, because I found a different page with totally different ratios. I think the first time, I used Australian conversions and the second time, I was looking at British ones. This might explain why my pie crust came out a little wonky or it might be my bad luck with pie. Either way, I will re-tweak, re-try and see how it goes.

I think the confusing part was when the directions said “Mix to dough!” Mix to dough? But how gently do I mix? What’s considered a “dough”? Perhaps my mind is too technical and this is readily apparent to someone out there. If so, please comment!

The pie itself was pretty not bad. I call it meat pot pie because I had half a chicken breast, a few strips of leftover turkey and a couple of sausages. None were enough to make a pie, so I made them all and stuck them into the pie along with a bunch of vegetables and cream of chicken. The flavor was interesting. The creamy part was appropriately creamy and the sausage added a sort of spicy smokiness that was nice. I love chicken pot pie and I thought this was pretty good. If only my crust could have been better!

Oh, and has anyone bought any new spices from McCormicks? I don’t know if this is just the way it is here but they have new lids! They are flip-top for sprinkling and unscrew-top for using a measuring spoon to get some. The old ones were unscrew-top for sprinkling and taking-the-annoying-lid-off for using a measuring spoon. So guess what I did with my new little thing of coarsely ground pepper into the pot pie mixture. That’s right. I managed to scoop a large portion out and luckily, the recipe didn’t suffer from a generous mixing of black pepper. I rather liked it that way, actually.

I won’t post the recipe for the filling, as it was very basic but I will put this new and exciting pie crust recipe up if anyone wants to try it. Try it! Let me know if you win at life more than I do!

Actually, scratch that last line. But still, try it! 🙂

Pie Crust

¾ cup butter
1-⅞ cups flour
1 tsp. sugar
1 egg yolk
Pinch Salt
1 tsp. herbs
½ cup yogurt

1/ Put all ingredients except yogurt in mixing bowl.

2/ Rub butter into flour mixture until consistency of bread crumbs.

3/ Add yogurt and mix to dough.

4/ Dough will be very soft so refrigerate at least 30 minutes.

5/ Roll out and decorate / use as desired.

Servings: two 9″ round pie crusts

Looks good, tastes decent. But oh the hopes I had for you, pie crust.