I’m sitting here, listening to Michael Buble’s Feelin’ Good. It’s Monday and, yes, I am feeling pretty good, despite having screwed up my sleep schedule this past weekend by staying out late every night. Couldn’t fall asleep until 1AM and even then, it was very fitful. Hopefully, tonight will be an improvement.

But I am nothing if not resilient and hyped up on sugar and so I’ve carried on. I made this sometime last week to help in my efforts to clean out the crisper of all the straggling vegetables that were just begging to be eaten. I used precooked salad shrimp (Martin grew up eating small shrimp and he prefers them over jumbo shrimp or prawns). I couldn’t decide if prawn was a synonym for jumbo shrimp and just looked it up on Wikipedia, which states: “In European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, the word “prawns” is more commonly on menus than the term “shrimp”, which is used more often in North America. The term “prawn” is also loosely used to describe any large shrimp, especially those that come 15 (or fewer) to the pound (also called “jumbo shrimp”).” Very interesting indeed.

I boiled the shrimp to reheat. I think they were at just the right stage then after I drained them, but I added them prematurely to the curry and they became slightly hard. Next time, I will know to add them right before serving but I was concerned with them cooling down too much and becoming cold. Also, my basil plant has long since passed on and so I used dried basil in the end, which probably made it taste a little less authentic, but which was just fine for a meal that needed to be prepared in 30 minutes.

Overall, a very tasty and easily put-together dish, but I always like curry better the next day, after the flavors have had time to sit and melt together. That’s what the little container of leftovers is doing in the fridge now, ready to be eaten another day.

I’m listing the recipe below, even though it was very simple, just in cases.

Shrimp Pineapple Curry

1 clove garlic
2 small carrots
1 small Yukon Gold potato
1 handful snap peas
1 handful green beans
1 handful button mushrooms
1 handful enoki mushrooms
1/2 can pineapple chunks
1 can coconut milk
Green curry paste
Garlic powder
Ground black pepper
Coarse salt
Dried basil

1- Chop carrots into rounds. Mince garlic. Snap off ends of green beans and cut into bite-sized pieces. Cube potato. Quarter mushrooms. Combine water and rice in pot or rice cooker and let cook until all the water is absorbed.

2- Heat olive oil in 12″ skillet. When hot, add garlic and cook until golden brown.

3- Add vegetables and cook until almost finished.

4- Add coconut milk. Add curry paste a little at a time, mixing after each addition, to taste. Sprinkle with garlic powder (if you want an extra kick), pepper, salt and dried basil.

5- Add shrimp, enoki mushrooms and pineapple and allow to be heated through.

6- Spoon rice into bowls. Top with curry.

Servings: 4

Say hello to sweet and creamy shrimp pineapple curry.