I try to do a post a day or as close to one as possible, but I definitely am bad about it on the weekends. So I have a giant backlog to go through. But, luckily, Flickr keeps me honest.
And backlogged. 🙂
The last time I made pot pie, I mixed up a giant batch of gravy, vegetables and meat. Half was more than enough for one pie so the filling sat in our fridge for a few days, doing that flavor absorption thing that it does so well. And finally, on Sunday, after lots of errands and Christmas shopping and coming home to realize we had no leftovers and it was 6pm, we pulled it out again to give it a chance to shine.

In my quest to overcome my lack of pie-crust-awesome, I pulled out this one, which I had been waiting to try and which had been touted as a great easy flaky pie crust. And its true – it came out very flaky and soft and tender. I thought it was a great “standby-oh-crap-I-need-pie-crust-NOW!” recipe because it pulls together in a snap but lacked the flavor depth that butter would have added. Because, as we all know, butter makes everything better.

And the filling was once again awesome, thanks in part to the extra spice of the sausage. I would totally totally make a pot pie again with a hint of sausage. And next time I make a pot pie, this pie crust might once again save me, though I am considering making a drop-biscuit crust. Because that reminds me of cobbler (peach cobbler!) and that is a very good thing.

So here is the easy-peasy pie crust that Amy and Brian would probably sniff their noses at but could maybe save your meal one day!

Pie Crust (The East Way)

2 cups AP flour
½ tsp. salt
½ cup + 1 tbsp. vegetable oil
4-½ tbsp. milk

1- Place flour in bowl and stir in salt with fork.

2- Make a well in the center.

3- Combine oil and milk in measuring cup.

4- Pour liquids into flour all at once.

5- Stir with fork until oil is absorbed. Work into ball with hands.

6- Cut ball in half and reshape into two balls.

7- Roll each ball between two 12” squares of waxed paper and roll out.

8- Place in pie plate and bake as normal, until crust is golden brown.

Servings: 2 thin pie crusts

I told ya …. thin.