There’s no photo for this but you might thank me for that – vanilla ice cream irregularly studded with giant chunks of brownie really just looks like the side of a cow. But tastier.

The more I think about that last sentence, the more I realize how very bad of an analogy that was. So let’s move on.

I once read that Ben and Jerry (of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – is there really any other combination?) differed in ice cream technique, one liking big chunks sparsely integrated into the ice cream and the other liking smaller chunks consistently throughout. What kind of ice creamer are you?

I think I vote for smaller chunks consistently throughout. I made up this batch of vanilla ice cream to use up the batch of brownies that I made for Movie Night and which no one ate! So I had a lot of brownies leftover and no desire for them to go to waste.

As the base, I used the French Vanilla ice cream I’d already tried making before. I underestimated the amount of ice cream I was making and only broke up about 3 – 4 large brownies into small chunks. That was actually pretty hard, as the brownies were relatively moist and clung desperately together. After the ice cream was finished churning, I scooped the ice cream into my Tupperware and dumped in the brownie pieces, giving it a quick stir. That’s when I realized that 3 – 4 large brownies into small chunks gets you NOWHERE.

I was worried about the ice cream melting and getting that unpleasant “ice cream-melted” texture so I quickly broke up the remaining brownies into large chunks that would not have passed my previous quality control. I think that contributed to the overall texture, which was “uneven.” I need to learn how to stir the ingredients in evenly, as they seem to be focused mostly towards the center, with brownie-crumb flecked vanilla on the outside.

Martin says I am just a couple of steps closer to recreating our all-time favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. That’s right – three cheers for Oatmeal Cookie Chunk! I’m still trying to think how I’d do this – I know Oatmeal Cookie Chunk is a sweet cream ice cream with small chocolate chip pieces (but not in the familiar Nestle baking chip format) with smooth chunks of oatmeal cookie that somehow tastes uncooked. I have been toying with the idea of mixing up some oatmeal cookie batter (without eggs or baking soda, since there would be no need to bake them) and mixing that in when it is super soft.

Anyone out there an ice cream expert who can help me along? 🙂