I’m sitting here, talking to Alex, and discussing the grits he made for dinner and how they weren’t up to snuff. It reminded me of the grits I made before leaving for NC. The ones with lots of sharp cheddar that basically made me want to gag. Then I realized … I never really posted about that here. Or any of my failures. So my blog is unfailingly chipper and I sound like an amazing and capable cook when I am far from it. 🙂

Cooking is a learning experience and we learn best from our mistakes. For example, I will never take the heaps of sharp cheddar and whatever other cheese we have lying around the house and throw it in a pot to make grits again. Ever. Because it was disgusting and I love grits and that ain’t right.

I’m still a novice so I have many bad cooking experiences to come, most likely, but I would rank that one up there, especially since Martin and I could barely stomach it so there went a giant batch of grits into the trash.

What was your worst cooking experience?