My refrigerator is currently housing a 4-lb whole chicken. Not exactly an event to stop the presses. But I have decided now is the time for me to grow up and to not be a lame-lame-lame person. You have no idea how hard it was for me to not type chicken with big LOLZ afterwards. Please, be impressed with my maturity.

I’ve never roasted a whole chicken before and I used to be pretty okay with that. But now I’ve decided that I am missing out on a whole chunk (a chicken-salad and chicken-pot-pie and chicken-noodle soup chunk!) of life and I should do what I can to rectify it.

And in the process, I’ve also decided to reach out to my friends. There is a community blog called The Daring Bakers, which challenges their culinary skills on a monthly basis by trying out new recipes as a group and blogging about their experiences after a certain date. I don’t think I’m quite up to their level (I mean, I’ve never even roasted a chicken!) but I would like to try something similar, with a bigger focus on cooking rather than baking.

So here I am, about to roast a chicken. And I think it’d be awesome if my friends did it too. I’d like to try out the brining technique demonstrated here. So if you feel like roasting a chicken with me, follow the recipe and post what happened with your experience, what you thought, what you changed, what you felt, ANYTHING AT ALL, after February 24th! I’d love to hear what everyone’s experiences are but if I’m the only one, then that’s pretty okay, too. 🙂