What’s your favorite pizza? My personal favorite is pineapple and pepperoni. I like pepperoni more than ham because the pepperoni gives it a spicier kick. Sometimes, when I’m feeling daring, I even throw in mushrooms. I know, I live my life on the edge.

I decided that I should try to make pizza crust from scratch one day. I was a little worried, because I had no pizza stone and, more importantly, no pepperoni. But I boldly forged on.

It was easy enough to make, but I think that I rushed it. We had a deadline to get out of the house by 5:45 and the time was rapidly approaching. I quickly rolled it out and topped it with artichokes, mushrooms and pineapple before we all but inhaled the pizza. It was an odd but surprisingly tasty combination, in my opinion.

I think next time, I would try to work on my rolling skills as I was vaguely frustrated and my pizza dough came out into the shape of North Carolina -subliminal thinking, perhaps? I would also make sure to have enough mozzarella because there was too much sauce and not enough cheese, in my opinion.

Pizza Dough

1 tsp. dry active yeast
Pinch of sugar
⅔ cup warm water
2 cups unbleached AP flour
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tbsp. olive oil

1- Place yeast, sugar and warm water in a bowl. Set aside until bubbles form.

2- Add flour, salt and olive oil and knead to form smooth dough, approx. 10 minutes.

3- Place in clean, oiled bowl and turn to coat.

4- Allow to stand in warm place until it has doubled in size, approx. 20 minutes.

5- When ready, roll out to desired thickness on a sheet of non-stick baking paper dusted with flour.

Servings: 1

Pizza is tasty. So are cookies.