Before I go any further, I would like to say that I am well aware that osso bucco means “bone with hole” and that it is weird that I used not any bones with holes, but fish instead (although the fish DID have bones!). However, the recipe I found called it “Osso Buco-Style Halibut.” Or, more precisely, “Osso Bucco-Style Halibut and Whipped Potatoes with Herbs.” So I felt free to call it that as well. 🙂 I apologize to anyone whose refined sense of cooking I just stepped on (cough Alex cough).

This recipe started out like any other recipe: I have some ______ (in this example, halibut) and I don’t know what to do with it. What should I make? Let’s search the internets for tasty looking recipes!

This recipe took a very long time. Sometimes, I dream about a world where two people cook together simultaneously. Other times, I roll up my sleeves and get down to the dirty work.

When I look back at the recipe, it doesn’t seem like it should have taken so long. There is a lot of time where you just let it simmer and simmer. I think because I am a “clean-as-I-go” kind of cook, I feel like things are more involved because I am always actively doing something during every part of the process. That is just my fly-by-the-seat judgement call, I don’t know if this is actually true or not. I just remember being kind of tired by the time I plated this dish.

I did all of the steps but the mashed potatoes (I like mine just fine) and the gremolata (too tired of cooking to care at that point). It came out pretty tasty and hearty but nothing too special or exciting. Nothing that makes me warrant wanting to try cooking it again anytime soon, that is. The effort might be worth it if I was serving more than just me and Martin. It would be good dinner party food, I think, because it looked great and could be eaten completely with a fork only (my idea of WIN!).

I am just going to link to the recipe here, because I followed it exactly, except for halving it to compensate for having only 2 halibut filets.

And the obligatory pictures:

Plated and photographed.

What Martin’s plate looked like 10 seconds later.