I picked this food to make because it seemed like perfect Super Bowl food: hearty, unhealthy and cheesy. The blog I picked it up from labeled it as a man’s bread because it was chockabock full of cheese and herbs and bread. When I referenced that at the party, people did not seem to like that name as much. Sad. They also seemed disinclined to try it, so I was left with a surplus of bread. 😦

To me, this tasted like sauceless pizza. It was tasty but kind of salty. I followed the recipe for the most part, except I used Parmesan I grated myself rather than canned, since it was what I had on hand. Also, I didn’t have any herbs on hand so I used all dried (I know, I’m terrible!)

I personally would make this again since I liked it a lot but maybe in a smaller batch next time. I thought muffin-sized was perfect – I split some between a pie plate and some between a muffin tin and I didn’t quite know what to do with the big hunk the pie plate gave to me. Individually-sized muffins were just right for our group atmosphere.

Also, next time, I would be very careful to make sure that my mix of cheese and herbs isn’t too “wet.” Because mine was, it made mixing kind of hard and I didn’t come out with the beautifully separate pieces that the original photos appeared to have.

The link to the recipe is here and, as always, some photos:

Final proofing – not much to look at, eh?

My last caption decided it wanted to be Canadian. Here is a yummy muffin for Valentine’s Day peeps.