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Challenge Result: Wonderful
Tag, you’re it: Penney

Not-So-Quick Explanation

A few weeks ago, I challenged everyone to roast a chicken with me. As it turns out, I ended up roasting two chickens this month. Since I’ve never roasted a chicken before and I roasted two chickens this past month, that means my chicken productivity increased by infinity-fold. WOO. Check that out.

So, to first explain, I didn’t check the expiration date of my chicken and pulled it out of the refrigerator and realized “Oh … that’s not good.” It was two days past the expiration date. I checked the internet, which seemed to indicate that it would most likely be okay but everyone seemed really unsure either way. I gave the chicken the smell / feel test and it smelled and felt like a normal chicken, so I decided to go ahead and roast it. Brining was out of the question, as I wanted to brine overnight, and I wanted that chicken cooked as quickly as possible. So I roasted my first chicken. I did it the Amy / Brian way and stuffed it with garlic and lemon. I pulled the skin away from the breasts and slipped a few pats of butter in there too. Then I gave it a healthy coat of salt and pepper.

I felt that my first chicken was not in the spirit of my brining chicken challenge, so a couple of weeks later, I bought another chicken. Then I read the brining page.

A dry brine? Really? This was my second “Oh … that’s not good” of the month. I obviously did not read it well the first time, since I’d wanted to do a wet brine recipe. I didn’t have a rack to put the chicken on, so I decided to do the wet brine anyway. I followed this recipe and let it brine for 24 hours. Then I did it Amy / Brian style again. I thought I should make it the same way, for full comparison sake.

Roasting was pretty easy – I stabbed the breasts with our meat thermometer and went on our merry way. I removed it from the oven and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then Martin did his awesome carving job and with that first bite – oh my! You really COULD taste a difference.

I am so pleased I finally learned how to cook whole roast chickens. What was once a daunting task has now turned into a tasty monthly meal. After both roasts, Martin asked to turn the leftovers into chicken pot pie. Maybe next time, we will try something different but we do love pot pie.

Roast chicken to soothe the soul.