When I saw Will’s recipe for whole wheat pizza, I was instantly intrigued. I’d recently bought some whole wheat in an attempt to inject a little health into our breads, but knew that the process wasn’t as simple as just replacing AP flour with whole wheat flour. Will’s recipe seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out for myself.

Will noticed that when he replaced 1 cup of AP flour with 1 cup of whole wheat flour produced a dough that was hard to roll out and suggested trying 3/4 cups instead. I felt like even with 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour, my result was still dry so I added water to the dough as I was kneading until it took on a feel that felt soft and not overly dry.

Then I followed the rest of his recipe, letting it rise. I can never tell when a recipe has doubled, so I generally err on the side of caution and let it keep rising. Rolling it out was easy peasy, though my rolling skills are somewhat lacking – non-bloggy shapes are pretty beyond my skillset. I used some bocconcini and ripe tomatoes I had, to make an attempt at a Margarita pizza. The bocconcini melted exactly like good pizza cheese should and I felt the whole wheat added a nice layer of texture from a standard pizza crust. I will be making this crust many more times in the future! It was great!

The technique I used is actually the same as the one I posted earlier, I just replaced 3/4 cup of AP flour with 3/4 cup whole wheat flour.

Around here, I wondered if I really knew what a Margarita pizza was. But I forged on.

Even if I didn’t, I didn’t mind – this still came out tasting great!