In all the hubbub, I forgot that I recently decided to make Chocolate and Zucchini’s Nutella Ice Cream. I figured I had to, when both Amy and Tommy linked me to it. πŸ˜‰ Plus, the fact that the recipe has just two ingredients that I happened to have on hand was like a sign – it was practically begging, “Make me now!”

Like Amy, I am a huge fan of Clotilde, the food she makes and her writing style. Amy has successfully tried her chocolate zucchini cake but even though I faithfully bought zucchinis at the Farmer’s Market last summer with that hope in mind, the opportunity never presented itself. So this is my very first Clotilde recipe and I am pretty excited by that.

In her recipe, she suggests using a different chocolate hazelnut spread rather than Nutella, because the original Nutella recipe has changed to include goodness knows what kind of scary weird preservative-y things. Martin and I actually had lots of Nutella – and I mean LOTS, we bought it at Costco last summer. One Costco-Nutella container was the size of 2.5 normal Nutella containers. I’d made my self-frosted cupcakes with one container of Nutella and I still had the other container (they came in sets of 2). I decided to use it for this recipe.

I combined the two ingredients together and put a little elbow grease behind my whisk and kind of stirred / pushed at the Nutella clump until it was blended with the evaporated milk. This took awhile but I enjoyed watching the two very separate ingredients slowly become a smooth, homogeneous mixture. But I AM weird like that.

The only way I differed on her recipe is that I did equal parts cup measurements milk and Nutella, more for ease of measurement than anything else. After chilling it overnight, I put it in my ice cream maker and let it churn. The results were very creamy and VERY Nutella-y. I gifted this to Greg and Kjersti, because I knew one of Kjersti’s favorite gelato flavors at our local gelato place was his Caramello Crunch, which basically tastes like Nutella ice cream with random crunchies. However, before I did, I cheated and snuck a little bite – all in the interest of making sure I was giving them something edible. That’s my story and I’m stickig to it. πŸ˜‰

Out of all the ice creams I have made, I think my favorite (and Martin’s by a mile) is still Cookie Dough but this one was great as well, especially if you are a Nutella fan. Next time, I am thinking of making my own “Nutella” so I can control the ingredients that go in. We’ll see how that goes!

Nutella Ice Cream

2 (12 oz.) cans unsweetened evaporated milk (this is approx. 3 cups)
3 cups Nutella

1- Mix together two ingredients until smoothly blended.

2- Let chill overnight.

3- Place in ice cream maker and let churn until desired consistency is reached. Scoop into container and place in freezer to harden slightly. Serve.

Servings: A lot