I like it when things are bite-sized and come in their own tidy little packages. So when I saw this recipe for chicken nuggets, I knew I wanted to try them. It is almost the ultimate throwback comfort food and exactly what I felt like one day.

Unfortunately, I read the recipe wrong and used leftovers from a roast chicken I’d made so the results were rather dry. And a little bit salty. But I have every faith in this recipe that were I to not have used leftover chicken, these would have been moist and tasty and bite-sized to my heart’s desire.

The recipe was pretty easy, especially since I wasn’t dealing with raw chicken. It was just mix mix squeeze squeeze fry munch. Easy peasy! I used dry bread crumbs as the coating, which made it very crispy but not as “light” as I wanted. Maybe next time I can do a nice beer batter for these. I want to try making these again one day the right way.

The original recipe can be found here.

Check out the color palate of my food.

Tasty fried goodness