Awhile ago, I made Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I feel that this one is worthy of capital letters, because this was the mother of all ice creams I had made up until that point and ever since.

Cookie dough is Martin’s very favorite flavor, despite my insistence that it be mint chocolate chip (and believe me, I tried!). Martin says this even surpasses the much loved Ben and Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!

I used my trusty French Vanilla Ice Cream as a base and then made my very favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies. As I was envisioning the beautiful blending of two of my favorite recipes, I was both excited by how yummy I hoped it would taste and dreading how much I’d have to run to work off the calories.

I made the cookie dough and froze it briefly. Then I chipped it apart into small chunks and froze it some more. When I made the ice cream, I followed a suggestion out of all the ice cream books I’d been researching: layering yummy mix-ins with ice cream will create a more consistent ice cream. And it worked – it was definitely more uniform than the glob of brownies we found in the center of our last mixed ice cream, Brownie Ice Cream.

The result: Martin pretty much spasmed in joy and almost had a heart attack after the first bite. The amount of fat in this makes this reaction unsurprising, but I like to think he will at least die happy if that’s ever the case.

Layers: they do more than keep you warm in the winter!