Swordfish with brown butter balsamic sauce – trying saying that three times fast. What a mouthful!

At the market the other week, I was standing at the fish vendor and feeling uninspired by salmon. I love fish and I love salmon but enough was enough – for that week anyway. I decided to go with one of their other fish offerings. Swordfish jumped out at me because I’d never made it before. In fact, I couldn’t even recall if I’d ever even eaten it before. I decided to be bold and embrace the new. New fish! New vegetables! New … Melanie?

When I got home, I immediately started looking up recipes with which to try out the thick slab of fish I’d purchased. I’d never made it before, so I wanted a lot of hand-holding through this process. Turns out, there are not that many recipes that include swordfish. I searched all the usual sights before finally finding success.

This is all you need for this recipe:

I was about to type up the recipe, then realized I didn’t really have to, since I followed the recipe almost exactly. So here you go, for future enjoyment if you so choose.

I didn’t take any pictures of the final product, partly because I forgot and partly because, when I think back, the sauce was really tasty but kind of gross looking. Reviewers of this recipe note the difficulty of getting the sauce to “combine” and I will agree with this. I was ever-vigilant and whisk-happy and the minute I wasn’t watching over it and the sauce was poured over the fish, the butter completely separated from the other ingredients. And it wasn’t all that pretty. Perhaps Chef John Jones from Palm Beach knows how to solve this problem but he didn’t share the tip in his recipe.

Oh – and I almost forgot! If you make this, be very careful adding the balsamic to the butter. It will splatter and spray hot butter everywhere and that stuff hurts like nobody’s business! Trust me, I suffered so you guys wouldn’t have to. If you don’t have anything to prove (like how manly of a cook you really are), then take the pan off the heat for a minute before adding the balsamic vinegar.

Overall, pretty good but nothing to make it stand out above the rest.