I know what you’re thinking. “Did she just say bacon? Didn’t they ban bacon from their kitchen?!”

Yes, astute reader, we did. We had every intention of living a sad, bacon-less existence. Maybe every now and then, I would take a chance and eat it if we went out to brunch but only then! I envisioned a future crying over the limp, floppy bacon that accompanies brunches rather than my preferred way – extra extra crispy. Emphasis on extra.

Then I realized that there are other ways to cook bacon that don’t involve pan-frying (our main complaint). So Martin and I agreed that bacon could make a small return back to our kitchen only if it was cooked in such a way that it would not send clouds of grease and smokiness up in the air.

And that is how I came about making this dish. I saw it on a blog and decided it was the perfect finger food to serve some company we were having over. Unluckily for my waistline, unforeseen circumstances caused a cancellation and Martin and I had to eat these.

These were tasty good in a satisfying way. The tasty part comes from all the fat. The satisfying way comes from the fact you didn’t spend a lot of time prepping these bite-sized pieces of food. Even Martin, who will go out of his way to avoid anything potentially spicy / hot, loved these.

Here’s what you need:

Don’t judge my bacon choice! I have no clue what the “best” bacon brand is and just end up picking one at random. This generally involves “eenie meenie miney mo!”

Just slather in the cream cheese all nice and neat and wrap with half a slice of bacon. Bake for thirty minutes until the bacon is cooked and crispy to your desired crispiness and eat. Here’s what you end up with:

I am making these for a cookout we have tonight and am thinking of rolling the top of the pepper (the cream cheese part) in a mixture of Parmesan and cracked black pepper. We’ll see how that goes.

Should I be ashamed of the fact that these weren’t difficult to make, life-altering, classier finger foods? Maybe so. Am I? Sadly, no.