Lots of rye bread equals the perfect recipe for … sandwiches!  Were you expecting something more creative?

Me too.  Me too …

Everyone has their own way of making tuna salad, so I thought I’d throw mine out there too.  It’s got the usual suspects in there:  red onion and relish to add crunch, eggs for a touch of warmth and then something that not every tuna salad recipe has:  Penzey Sandwich Sprinkle.

Side note:  Penzey’s has been a great source of inexpensive, quality spices for me.  I was seriously impressed with how bright green the spices were, compared to the dull color of even organic spices.  These aren’t organic, but they have everything imaginable and for reasonable prices.  Go Penzey’s!

So there you go.  Tuna, boiled eggs, red onion, sandwich sprinkle and sour cream, all mixed to taste.  Put on lightly buttered rye, top with a slice of cheese and broil until melted.  I prefer provolone, because of its nicely stretchy quality when melted.  But just put on whatever you feel like putting on.  You’ll get something like this:

And receive something like this:

But only if you feed it to a Swede named Martin.  🙂