I tried making pot stickers again recently.  I felt a little disappointed at my last attempt, mostly because my attempt at frying / steaming and steaming / frying did not come out so well.  I suspect it was because I didn’t put a lid on top of my skillet.  And, according to my dad, I didn’t use a nonstick skillet, which are the BEST for releasing those sticky pot stickers.

Well, I wasn’t going to run out and buy a nonstick pan just for pot stickers.  But I was going to try again.

This time, I tried a much simpler method of forming the potstickers.  I wanted them fat and plump and full of pork-and-mushroom goodness.  The squares, while pretty to look at, could not hold very much filling.  So let’s take a look at my second attempt, shall we?

Lay a nice chunk of your stuffing on top of your won ton wrapper.  Shape roughly into a triangle because you’re waiting for your boyfriend to take an in-focus shot.

While we’re on this picture, don’t my hands look really weird?  I mean, REALLY weird?  CLAWS!

Brush the bottom half of your triangle with water.  Growing up, my uncle and father finished the edges of their egg rolls with egg.  But the internet says water.  I guess you can pick it however you want.

Fold in half and pinch together to make plain and simple triangular pot stickers.  Not only do these take less time, but they store much more easily in the freezer, if you needed another reason.  My dad would wake up in the morning, take some out of our freezer, fry them on both sides and then steam ’em.  In his non-stick skillet.

Build your army of pot stickers.  When I was finished, this entire cookie sheet was filled with them.

Then I had a conondrum.  My last attempt at one-stop steaming and frying didn’t work.  So I could either just steam them and save the calories – and the pain of frying.  Or I could suck it up and dirty that second pan, because ain’t nothin’ better than perfectly crisp pan-fried pot sticker.

You can guess which side won.