I know what you’re thinking. I bet it’s similar to the look on Martin’s face, when I announced I was going to make it.

“I don’t get it.”

Yeah, I too was once like you and didn’t get it. But a recent trip to visit my bestfriend set me on this path and now I realize how truly amazing this stuff really is. It is almost the perfect pairing! I love ice cream! I love ice cream sandwiches! Together, how can we go wrong?

Things like butter chicken + macaroni and cheese spring to mind. But this is neither here nor now. This is ice cream. Serious business.

True story: I wanted to write that in lolcats but didn’t know the best way. So I found a lolcat translator! No joke. Their translation was “serious busines.” Also no joke.

So today, I will show you how I went about making this.

First, I started with my very very favorite vanilla ice cream recipe as a base. Even Breyers Natural Vanilla, my first love, doesn’t hold a candle to the flavor (and, most likely, fat) packed in this.

Instead of vanilla extract, though, I added this:

It has real vanilla beans flecks and packs a nice, extra vanilla-y punch with the ease and cost of using plain ol’ extract rather over buying vanilla beans. It has a thick consistency. One might almost call it paste-y.

I know, I’m not that funny. So let’s move on.

Do you see all the flecks? I do love vanilla bean flecks in my ice cream. Reminds me of childhood.

Then I chilled the custard overnight and churned it up nice and pretty in my ice cream mixer. While I let Martin wrestle with scooping out the ice cream, I focused on a more important task:

I used my dough cutter to create straight lines that didn’t mush the sandwich too much. Then I started our reliable layer effect: a layer of ice cream, a nice layer of topping, wash, rinse, repeat. This time around, I think we used around 4 – 6 sandwiches (can’t remember the exact total). I thought there should be more, but Martin said no. He also physically blocked me from adding more. However, after tasting it, he agreed that we should have added more (HA!) to create a better “ice cream sandwich” feel.

I love the soft chocolate cookie-ness of the ice cream sandwiches in this ice cream. I also like the small pockets of ice-cream-sandwich ice cream. They’re white rather than a light yellow and have almost the effect of whipped cream in comparison to the richness of my base ice cream.

Martin still prefers the cookie dough to this one, but I know I will keep this one in steady rotation. This is one big carton of delicious, I’d say.