I’d recently written this post and lost it when Firefox crashed.  I was eight kinds of mad, mostly because I’ve noticed FF3 likes to shut down for no reason at all on my Windows machine (but not my iBook, amazingly enough!).

It took me awhile to work up the enthusiasm to re-write this post.  So … this post might not be enthusiastic at all.  🙂

I decided to make these after a co-worker gave me a Snickerdoodle and I remembered how much I loved its softness and cinnamon-ness.  I had all the ingredients on hand already so why shouldn’t I make some Snickerdoodles?

Well, these were good.  But I realized they were also very sweet.  Something that tasted great when only one unit is eaten tasted significantly less good when five … six … twelve are consumed.  They were soft the way cookies should be, looked amazing and had a great buttery taste.  But just too much.

I wonder how much of this can also be attributed to the fact that I made them before going down to Santa Barbara with Martin.  I loaded up a big bag with these and proceeded to eat them all weekend because there was nothing else to snack on.  After sitting around in a plastic bag, these didn’t taste too great, I can tell you right now.

So the lesson in today’s entry is that cloying sweetness does NOT mix well with plastic mcplastic-ness.  And now you know.  But here’s some visual eye candy anyway:

Side Note:  Firefox totally crashed four times while I was writing this.  I literally screamed “DIE FIREFOX I HATE YOU!” because I was so mad.  But it somehow found my original post.  So I guess I don’t hate it.  I just don’t really like it right now.