I saw this recipe online and immediately wanted to try it.  I like scallops and guacamole, what could be so terrible?

Well, I think I messed up on several key points.  The original recipe called for lightly toasted bread, but all I had was crackers so I made the substitution anyway.  Not a smart idea.  The crackers crumbled at the first bite and the whole structure just collapsed!

Also, I made my guacamole the way I normally like it, on the chunky side.  I think for a recipe like this, a smoother guacamole would be in order.  I think it would help everything adhere together.  As it was, the guacamole was so chunky that it sort of plopped off the cracker after biting into it.  And the copious amounts of diced red onion I added didn’t help either.  🙂

Otherwise, this was just okay.  I felt a slight disconnect at cold, creamy guacamole and warm scallop but I think this would have been corrected by the toasted, buttered bread on the bottom.  I served these for a light dinner for Martin and I but was not overly thrilled with them.

It’s so easy to make, I won’t bother posting a recipe.  Just butter bread and slice rounds from it.  Spread toast with (a smooth!) guacamole spread, made according to personal taste.  Top with a halved pan-seared sea scallop.  Serve!

Your full potential was never realized, scallop bite-lets.