I know it doesn’t look like much but this tannish blob is caramel ice cream.  In my continual quest to show Martin that other flavors besides cookie dough can be tasty, I have tried to make other flavors for us to enjoy.  This was so rich, we could only eat about a scoop at a time but it’s still pretty tasty.

I used this recipe verbatim, mostly because I’d never made caramel before.  I should have probably tried making just caramel before I muddied up the waters with an ice cream!  My first attempt was straight up DISASTER!  I am talking black burnt cesspool-style mess.  A hot mess, as it were, too.  😉  I had to boil the caramel out of my pot before I could even start attempt number two.

The recipe is a little vague, saying things like “let boil until a light amber.”  So I’ll just comment a bit on my experiences.

First, I interpreted boil as a full-on rolling boil.  This produced disaster in a pot in a red-hot minute.  So the second time around was more of a slow simmer.  It took longer than the specified time but produced something edible, so I’m not going to complain.  🙂

Before adding the cream, I had warmed it over the stove, which I think helped keep the sugar down to a “furious bubble” rather than “gigantic explosion.”

I also had problems brushing down the side.  Seemed like the water just evaporated on impact and didn’t do anything to dissolve sugar crystals.  Anyone with caramel-making experience, can you comment on this?

And there you go.  Next time, I will add fewer egg yolks, because it’s really, really rich and I could even detect a bit of egg flavor coming through.   This is definitely a “coat your mouth” ice cream – a little will go a long way!