Yes, that was a mouthful and so was meal that goes along with it.  Namely, this:

It doesn’t look too appealing, all red and saucy like.  Piled high.  Warm looking on these hot summer nights.  But I really liked it.  It had salmon and sundried tomatoes, two of my favorite foods to eat.  And pasta, from the Santa Cruz pasta man that comes to the farmer’s market, which is sneaking up on my list of favorite foods.

This was another dish where I thought, “What do I have in my refrigerator?” aka “What needs to be eaten right now?”  And then I searched around and found this recipe!  I had everything right on hand, except for Emeril’s Essence and peas.  So I made a few substitutions, tweaked it a bit to suit my taste and came up with this dish that I now present before you.

So, what are my thoughts?  My thoughts are that I can’t really remember this dish, as I made it awhile ago.  I really need to do a better create / picture take / relate turnaround  (and by the way, did you see how I managed to make all of that rhyme?  Freakin’ sweet …) so when I talk about foods, I can say more than “It done tasted good.”

I remember the sauce being a little on the thick side, because the pasta is coated in the sauce.  And not understanding what Emeril meant when he said to shingle 1/2″ slices.  Perhaps this works better if your salmon is more towards the center and not the tail (my favorite part and, therefore, the part I buy), so your “shingles” will be a bit longer in length. I did like how it incorporated sundried tomatoes.  And was a different way for me to prepare salmon.

With that said, I end this entry with a plea.  I love salmon and I probably buy it 1 – 2 times a month.  But I need new ways to prepare said salmon!  So if you have a dish that you made recently that made your heart skip a beat and features salmon, please, pass it my way!

Here’s the one I gift to you.  😉