Does anyone remember the post where I discussed my confusion of all things beans?  Recently, Amy was at my apartment and pointed at my giant glass jars filled with beans, wondering why I had these in my kitchen.  The truth?  I received them as a gift.  And haven’t used a single one.  Amy suggested making baked beans with them.

I thought – hey, how brilliant!  I actually like baked beans.  And it would use up this stockpile of dry beans.  Perfect!

I asked Amy if she had a great baked beans recipe and she said no.  But she pointed me towards this recipe right here, which showed promise.

And I am here to warn you that this recipe is NOT a good recipe.  I brought it to a cookout last night and we were in a rush, so I didn’t even get a picture of it.  I debated photographing the dried leftovers but thought that I should keep it friendly here.  Cause you know me.  Always thinking of others.

But yes, this will not make good baked beans.  This will make dry sauce baked beans.  I was kind of confused on how the beans would get that familiar saucy taste that you associate with damn good baked beans when I added the ingredients to the crockpot, as there is almost no liquid whatsoever.  And I didn’t see how the recipe would magically create the necessary liquid, but I trusted it.  And, oh, how wrong I was.

I do give it props for being one of the few baked bean recipes that don’t call for pre-made baked beans.  I found it so surprising the number of recipes that are really just spicing up a can of Bush’s baked beans.  I wonder what Sandra Lee’s recipe for baked beans is?  🙂

I have a category called Inedible, which I used for posts not about cooking.  I think this entry will definitely change that.  🙂