Here we have something that I like cooking with a lot – chicken thighs!  I recently, semi-unofficially, gave up chicken breasts.  I was tired of the chicken always coming out really dry and it was always so hard getting it to retain flavor.  Down with chicken breasts, I’d say, unenthusiastically cooking with it.  And then I realized … I am in charge of this here kitchen.  If I don’t want to cook with chicken breasts, who’s to say I have to?

No one, that’s who.  And this is why I kicked them out of my kitchen once and for all.

Amy suggested this recipe to me, in my usual early morning “I have this, this and that.  What can I make?”  quest.  Amy, you’re my greatest inspiration!  Martin, in contrast, is not helpful at all.  Sometimes, I even ask him basic decisions like “Chicken or pasta?” and he gives me a blank look.  I just need some direction, please!  Amy understands this and always points me towards a good starting point.  And, Amy, that is why you need to move to this area.  Seattle won’t love you the way I do!

I’m just going to link to the recipe I used, as I don’t think I made too many substitutions.  Here we go, here we go, here we go now.

Now, some notes.  The sauce was more watery than I was expecting.  I kept it simmering for a long time, uncovered, trying to cook off a bunch of the liquid, before giving up.  The flavor was tasty and strong.  And it might be better to go the boneless thighs route, as it was pretty hard to cut the meat off.  But that’s me and Martin’s laziness at work!  Go include the bones, if you feel like it!  It went well over pasta, as I can demonstrate here:

I thinly sliced some green onions to sprinkle on top because I had green onions chilling in the crisper.  I also like the extra snap green onions add.  Overall, delicious and I will make it again, when the weather cools down!