Yesterday, as I complained to my best friend that eating cereal for breakfast inevitably made me hungry an hour later, she suggested I start my day out with eggs before carbing it up.  I was thinking about that this morning, when I realized I had an hour to eat something before running with Emily and Kjersti.  So I decided to make scrambled eggs.

(Was all that explanation unnecessary build-up?  I mean, I did title this post “Scrambled Eggs.”  I could have just said, “I made scrambled eggs this morning.” and you would know just as much – and maybe care just as much – as when I explained all that other stuff.)

I think that scrambled eggs are one of those things where everyone has their own “way” of making them.  I mean, they’re simple enough that you don’t really need a recipe.  And everyone has their own preference in the way they like them.  When everyone gathered together for brunch after Mark and Emily’s wedding, I remember being reluctant to help make them.  Brian, I don’t care that you’re trying to flip the pancakes, cook the sausages and mix Bellinis at the same time!  You do the scrambled eggs!  You can’t trust me!    Scrambled eggs are serious business!  I didn’t want anyone to hate me if I made them incorrectly.

So I am going to explain how I make my scrambled eggs and hope readers will respond in kind.  Maybe I have yet to hit the Holy Grail of Scrambled Eggs and this post might set me on the right path!  Someone will reveal an amazing scrambled egg secret!!

Scrambled Eggs, Melanie-Style:

First, I crack a bunch of eggs.  If it’s just for me, as a meal, then it’s usually 3.

Then I whip it all together and add a dab of some kind of heavy dairy, like cream or half-and-half (definitely NOT skim milk).

I heat up the skillet, pour in the egg mixture, and start sliding my cooking utensil around.  I’m not too graceful about it.  I just start shoving the eggs around to make sure they don’t cook too much.

When the eggs get to that tipping point where they look about ready to tip from “somewhat shiny sheen” to “dull matte cooked eggs”, I pour them out on a plate before they lose that sheen and let them sit for a minute.  Then I sprinkle with a bit of salt and a lot of freshly cracked pepper and eat.  Yum!

And that is how I make eggs!  To contrast, my Dad just takes a bunch of eggs, mixes them together (no additions!) and cooks them (no seasoning added!).  Until they’re very hard.  Which is great, he likes them that way, that’s what makes him happy.  But this is how I eat my scrambled eggs and I like them this way much, much more.

And now I’m wondering – how do you like your scrambled eggs?