I have lately been on a tea binge.  Thanks to Jordan’s birthday present, I have been drinking tons of tea.  My new favorite is called “Birthday Tea” and it tastes just like cake.  Non-caloric, super-yummy cake.  WIN.

My renewed interest in tea has caused me to sort through the boxes of tea I have already and resolve to try to use them all.  One tea I’ve had for awhile but hadn’t even opened is passion tea, from Tazo.  Some of you may recognize this tea, as Starbucks generally sells it as an iced drink mixed with lemonade in the summer.  Very tasty.  I had bought the tea with high hopes, thinking I’d magically start liking it hot.  I have a bad habit of doing that.  🙂  As inevitably happens, I did not magically start liking it and it just sat in our cupboard.  I don’t know why it never occurred to me to try to make my own iced tea out of it, but it didn’t.

Serendipitiously, I came upon the box of tea while in the process of boiling water for some sweet tea.  Since 4 – 6 small tea bags are needed per half-gallon of sweet tea, I decided to try it.  I made sweet tea, substituting passion tea for orange pekoe.

And the results?  It tasted like juice.  And awesome.  It tasted like juicy awesome.  Definitely more juice than tea, too.

Martin opened our refrigerator this morning to see a deep pink liquid inside a glass pitcher.  I think the bright pink color slightly frightened him, as he didn’t try it (I thought he might).  I poured some up for dinner and he took a sip, not knowing what it was.  Only when he realized he liked it did he stop to ask what it was.  He didn’t believe it was tea (3/4 a cup of sugar can help with that.  Is sweet tea REALLY tea?)!  He kept insisting it was juice.  I had to show him the box of tea before he finally believed me.

I think I might have gotten sidetracked from the whole point of this post which is, sweet tea made with passion tea from Tazo makes tasty tasty juice.  Now that I’ve made it this way, I realize I can make a homemade version of the Starbucks drink for a fraction of the cost.  Truly sweet!

As a side note, passion tea is supposed to have rose hip, passionfruit, mango, orange peel and hibiscus flower notes.  It will also turn a rich pink color.  I’ve seen a lot of “fruit blend” teas and wonder if they will have a similar effect.  I have a blueberry tea I bought in Texas and I might try that next!