For my birthday this year, I got not one but TWO sets of ice cream molds, from two very different (but very loved) friends.  Amazing!  One had a cowboy theme and the other was pastel colored farm animals.  I truly hit the jackpot this year.

I had never thought about buying ice cream molds before but the minute I got them, I knew I had to try them out.  I chose speed over everything this time around and baked up a pan of brownies (from a mix, no less!) and took out some Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream.  Then I created my sticky-sweet assembly line of love. ( Yeah, you like how complicated I made that last sentence?)

First, I thought to myself, “Maybe it is time to get a good, sturdy, 9×13 baking pan that isn’t a one trick pony, although its one trick DOES make me spasm with joy whenever I bite into an extra-edgy brownie.”  Because it made cutting out brownie slices a bit difficult:

As an engineer, though, I persevered:

Cut, cut, and now ice cream time!!!

What time?  Vanilla bean ice cream time!  Heya!  Heya!

Okay, please forgive me for my sugar-induced high, and for peanut butter jelly time being SUCH a catchy song.

Top with another brownie and now it’s time to squish:

And squish … and squish some more.  And woah, will you take a look at that:

Here is my opinion on ice cream sandwich molds.  They do their work well.  But then the insides squish out if you bite into them.  Maybe I should have put in less ice cream.  But ice cream = WIN.  So I put them onto a plate and into the freezer to firm up, where they promptly froze out of shape.  Then I put them in the freezer to firm up, STILL IN THE MOLDS.  These did just fine.  But then I can only make 6 ice cream sandwiches at a time.  So I can only have me and five other friends over to partake in ice cream sandwich-ness.  Is this a life I want to lead?  Is it so bad to want your ice cream and eat it too?  Did this last paragraph make any sense?  Only you can decide!