Well, you knew it had to happen.  I would stumble across what has been hailed as the most sublimely perfect of all chocolate chip cookies and would feel compelled – no, DRIVEN – to test this recipe out.

First, for some background:  Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Some of you may not know this, but chocolate chip cookies are my very favorite cookie in the world.  It wasn’t always the case.  White chocolate and orange briefly led me astray, but I returned and my love of the humble chocolate chip cookie has definitely reached new heights.  My love for chocolate chip cookies is much like my love for biscuits, macaroni and cheese or roast chicken, which is to say, they are my most preferred of comfort foods.

The basic premise, which most people probably already know, is that the biggest secret to making chocolate chip cookies is to let them refrigerate for 36 hours.  This gives the eggs time to sink into the flour and really get going.  The ideal size is insanely large, giving the cookie distinct crispy / chewy / soft circles.  The result should have strong caramel notes, because of the sugar.  If done right, it should make you weep for joy.

Well, I followed the directions and I did not cry at the end.  Well, maybe I did, but they were tears of sadness.  Perhaps the article did too good a job of hyping them up.  Perhaps I over / under / wrongly mixed.

These cookies looked great and tasted good.  They were just another chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I plan on trying them again, to see if that one time was just a fluke.  I think I might shake it up and add some white chocolate in there too, as I like the contrast of bittersweet chocolate to the sweetness of the white chocolate.