All you sexy Google Reader users out there might have noticed when I shared this link to a Grilled Cheese and Pear sandwich.  I mean, look at it:

It was saying, “Melanie!  You want me!  Make me!  Eat me!”

So I decided I would and bought a couple of pears during my last run to the grocery store.  Then today, I fell victim to my desires and made two of these bad boys.  Well, technically 1.5.  The first one had cheddar, like what was shown.  And the next half?  Oh me.  Oh my.  Goat cheese and pear.

So what’s the verdict?  Well, I only made half of a second sandwich because I was getting mighty full … and also the thought of goat cheese and pears SOUNDED good but would it TASTE good?  I mean, this is coming from the girl who used to make some crazy sandwiches as a kid.  I am talking “What’s in the fridge?  Let’s put it between bread!” crazy.  I’m not sure my sandwich judgment should always be trusted, is all I’m sayin’.  (Disclaimer: But only before I’ve actually tasted it!  Otherwise, it is very very trustworthy.)

The cheddar was very good and had more of a traditional grilled cheese sandwich taste.  The cheddar was sliced and held it’s “shape” well after being cooked.  The goat cheese was a bit harder to make, because I had to crumble the goat cheese (I tried neat slices but it did NOT want to work that way) and sometimes it would fall into the skillet.  However, the result was so melty and creamy and smooth, I about fainted from joy.  A little goat cheese went a long way, I think I ended up using more cheddar to get the same amount of flavor as a little bit of goat cheese.  And, with both, the sweetness from the pear was a great complement.  And because it was thinly sliced pressed between the sandwich, it got a little soft.  SO TASTY.  Try it yourself one day!

So here is something I wonder: how does everyone prepare their grilled cheese sandwiches?  My friend’s mother used to melt butter, then pour it onto bread slices and heat it in the skillet.  I tried that one but felt that I added way too much butter as a result.  Another friend just throws a pat of butter in there and then adds slices.  I used to think my way was the only way until I went to visit.  What can I say?  I’m silly.

My method is:  I butter my bread on both sides, then add both slices to the skillet.  When they’re golden brown on one side, I flip over one slice and add the ingredients on top.  Then I put the other slice, brown side on the inside, on top.  Let the bottom slice heat, flip, and heat some more.  Then I like to cut it in half (diagonally!  That matters, it makes it tastier!) and gobble it up in about 30 seconds flat.  Yum!