I know I’ve been pretty chatty, especially on Twitter (hellooooo shiny website of the moment), but I really have been trying to churn out my next food post.  I even put it down on my agenda for the weekend, only to be thwarted with things like being social.  Sheesh!

May I take a second to reiterate (AGAIN) that I really should stay more up to date on this stuff.  Not being able to coherently write about something because I’m such a slackass is just getting embarrassing.  I apologize on behalf of Slacker Melanie.

So what’s on the menu today?  Nothing too shock-gasp-awe-like, just some pumpkin cake.

Can you handle me the way I are?  Apparently not …

There’s only one picture because I quickly whipped it up for dinner with a friend who was visiting from out-of-town.  He teases me (nicely) about my weird obsession with food photography.  I didn’t want to give him more ammo, so I just quickly snapped one off, to remind myself of what I made.  Which can be considered good (or bad) – it wasn’t so memorable that I would have remembered making it if the picture didn’t prove that I did.  And now I will share its memory with you!  Yay!

I got this from trusty trusty Pioneer Woman, who normally never lets me down, but I thought this one wasn’t quite up to snuff.  The spices didn’t come through as much to me, so it just sort of tasted like soft squishy pumpkin-ish bread.  I should have listened to my cardinal rule: when in doubt, add more cinnamon.  (Cinnamon?  More like cinnaYUM).  Also, I wouldn’t really call that my cardinal rule, just a nice rule of thumb by Melanie.

Anyway, offtrack.  Spices do that to me.  The raisins were an interesting touch and added texture but not necessarily taste.  I did enjoy her recommended topping (whiskey-flavored whipped cream), which made it pretty easy to scarf down.  And the texture was very nice and light.  Other than though, though, not the best cake I’ve had, especially from her.  The sign of death?  Martin didn’t even ask for seconds!  Recipe can be found here, in case anyone wants to try their luck and impart their I-make-cake-awesome secrets!