So last night I made roast pork with garlic-onion gravy.  Since I had off yesterday in honor of MLK, I figured I should cook up stuff that I might not have the time to cook during a regular work day.  I had more ambitious plans (such as an oyster dressing!) but I ran out of time.

Here’s Southern Living’s take on what I made (mine was not nearly so fancy):

I was too busy running around like a spring chicken to really take photographs, except for unimportant steps like pouring a mound of sauted-onion-and-celery into aroasting pan.  I suppose in a recipe, every step is important – but it isn’t so fun to look at.  So no photographs – I might as well just go ahead and throw this post up.  🙂

I did skip one step and that was to sear the pork on the skillet before adding the onions and celery.  Because I am lazy, I took the advice of the Whole Foods meat guy and actually just cranked up the oven to 500-degrees F before putting the roast in there.  After placing the roast into the oven, I immediately turned the heat down to 325-degrees F.  It didn’t really form a crust (most likely because it was covered with aluminum) but it was still tasty tasty despite that.

I briefly worried about pan-drippings, and not flavoring the vegetables with the pork essence/flavoring/whatever.  But then you let the pork roast sit on top of the vegetables for 3 hours, so I think there’s plenty of time for the onions and celery to bathe in flavoring to make a good gravy.

Martin really liked it and I was amazed at how it turned out.  I always equate pork with weird dryness, but this one was quite moist.  I used to think I didn’t like pork, but I think it’s more I don’t like dry pork, which – duh.  Who does?

I have subscriptions to both Bon Appetit and Southern Living and I have to say, I consistently like the recipes from SL more.  I wonder what it is?  Do they have more “down-home” cooking recipes?  Do they understand the importance of fat?  Am I just a HUGE fan of comfort foods?  I don’t know. 🙂