The other day, I decided I wanted some good, ol’ fashioned comfort food.  The kind that really sticks to your ribs.  I’ve always been a fan of chicken casserole (though never a good executor) and so I looked up some recipes online.  And, boy, were there a lot!  Most were variations of the same: chicken + starch (noodles or rice) + red bits (pimentos or diced roasted red peppers) + creaminess.  Since they are so similar, I won’t list the recipe (a quick Google search will yield too many results).  I also won’t post a photo – it tasted yummy but did not look particularly appetizing.  The color was very monochromatic so we had to mix things up with an extra-leafy salad that night.

I had lofty intentions of making my own cream of chicken to mix everything with, but I ran out of time.  Luckily, I found a small can of it in the back of my pantry for just such emergencies.  I vigorously mixed it with sour cream, which I think definitely added to the creaminess factor without adding a lot more salt.

This time around, one thing  I did differently was add sliced water chestnuts.  I am not a fan of water chestnuts but the texture contrast intrigued me so I thought I would try it.  I think I would either omit them entirely or dice them rather finely, rather than leave them sliced.  They were a bit too big for my liking.  Same with the roasted red peppers – in the future, I will want to ensure small, even diced pieces, mostly because I believe a casserole is all about the creamy and big bits of food stuck in there tend to get in the way.  I also didn’t do things like saute the onions to cut time-corners, which I think I will not repeat the next time, no matter what my time-crunch is.  (Time-this.  Time-that.  Can I get time-in anywhere else?)

The recipe I followed also tasted much MUCH better the next day reheated.

Are you the King of Casseroles?  Do you have any important tips you’d like to pass on to me?  If so, I am always eager to learn!

PS.  I am sorry this post was so BORING.