After Brian so kindly gave me pie-crust-pointers over the holidays, I was eager to try again. I tried to coach myself and really pep myself up – “You CAN make pie crusts and you are a GREAT person!  People will respect you!”

I made sure to chill all ingredients and even took a few deep breaths. This time, I wanted to use a pastry cutter rather than a grater, so I made sure to refrigerate my butter rather than freeze it. Then I cut it up and added the chilled water in tablespoon increments.

Hey, looking good.  I tried the technique Brian taught me, of gathering it all together and rolling it over to pick up all the excess butter and flour at the bottom.  But it crumbled apart in my hands, refusing to come together.

So … what did I do?  I added another tablespoon of water.

Uh oh.  Too much.  😦  Pulling it together, I could feel immediately that the dough was too wet.  I covered it with saran wrap and put it in the fridge.  Then I wished with all my may and might that it would all work out.

I had to add more flour than I would have liked to the surface of the dough to make it roll out nicely but I forged on, brave in the midst of disaster.   And came up with this:

After baking, it looked good.  It tasted much better than previous attempts, but not as flaky as it could have been.  After my mostly successful attempt, I am eager to try again.  🙂

And what went in this crust, you may ask?  Coconut cream, thank you very much.