One night, Amy suggested I make her favorite standby dish:  puttanesca!  After rolling around the name in my head, I was sold.  Puttanesca.  Puttanesca.  Putt-putt-puttanesca.  It just sounds cool, and comforting, and tasty.

And, even more important than how exciting it sounded, I happened to have every single ingredient already in my kitchen.

She linked me to a recipe and I got started.  What I liked best about this recipe, besides having all the ingredients on hand, was that it was so easy and quick to pull together but still tasted amazing.  I did end up using fresh tomatoes that I diced up, because I had them on hand, but didn’t have any cans of chopped tomatoes.

I was also really excited to be able to use up some anchovy filets, which sort of languish in my refrigerator waiting to be used.  I can’t even remember what recipe prompted me to buy them to begin with, but I do like their salty, tangy flavor.  Maybe I can throw them into all sorts of other dishes?  Anchovy pizza.  Anchovy burgers.  Anchovy ice cream … well, okay, maybe not.

Overall, I was very happy with the dish.  It was something warm and comforting on a cold night, but also different from the usual red-sauce pasta dishes I am inclined to make.  If I were to leave feedback eBay-style, I believe it would be: “AWESOME DINNER!!!!! +++++++ would make again!!!”

For comparison purposes, here is my puttanesca.  It’s not nearly so pretty as the NY times version:

PS.  I initially wanted to markt his as vegetarian but then thought of the anchovies.  Does that make this a non-vegetarian dish?