So today, I happened to read an article on how to take great food photos.  It wasn’t anything I didn’t know (shoot in natural light being the big one!), but for some reason this one really inspired me.  It inspired me so much, in fact, that I not only shot a photo of what I cooked, but I uploaded it the same day. I know, I know.  I am showing amazing initiative today.

That’s some high-quality initiative there, Melanie!

So this is my version of fried rice.  It’s very “let’s scrounge around the refrigerator” but that’s okay.  This particular version has beef, red onions, peas and egg.  It is my very firm opinion that fried rice can’t be fried rice without egg bits in there.  That was always my favorite part growing up.  I would seek out the extra big pieces that hadn’t been scrambled with the rice and eat them with much gusto.

I scramble my egg separately from the rice.  I did once try the “make a big well in your rice and then swirl the egg around and cook it and then toss with rice” method but all I got was egg-coated rice for my laziness.  I think that method is also the most effective in a wok or a Benihana dining room, both of which I don’t have.  In fact, making fried rice is always a huge ordeal for me because I just have a big skillet, and the shallow sides do not inhibit my enthusiastic tossing and fried rice flies all over the kitchen.

Normally, I would use green onion but I didn’t have any, so I instead use sauteed red onion, to take a bit of the bite off.  And finally, after I had mixed everything together, I added some frozen peas.  Yes, straight to the rice without defrosting them at all!  The heat of the rice cooks those little suckers to perfection.

If you want to add pepper to this dish, make sure it’s finely ground white pepper, for that extra authenticity.