Tuna casserole is something I make every few months, ESPECIALLY when I am feeling comfort food-y.  I go for church-lady-pot-luck authenticity and even spring for Campbell’s cream of ____.  I normally won’t touch Campbell’s cream of _____ because of the salt content, so this is how serious (or not?) I am about the warm comfort of tuna casserole.

Today, I felt like it, but I didn’t have any Campbell’s creamy stuff in stock.  So I dug around and found this recipe:  Tuna Noodle Nicoise Casserole.  You basically make your own cream sauce.  I felt like the extra effort of making my own cream sauce wasn’t worth it.  It tasted pretty good and was appropriately thick, but any thickness was ruined by the chopped tomatoes.  Like an idiot, I diced them up, then dumped them, seeds, juice and all, into the casserole.  Of course, all the liquids leeched into the rest of the casserole and there was a nice layer of liquid I had to drain out of the casserole before eating.

The flavor was pretty good, but not quite as melty as I had hoped.  I liked the burst of tanginess when I ate a bite with a caper in it.  I think I still prefer the other tuna casserole recipe I’ve tried from Southern Living, though.

Check out my funky pasta! (That’s what she said!)

We got it at Costco.  I’m not quite sure what the shape is … it’s not quite fusili, not quite corkscrew, not quite … typical.  I did like the feel of biting into it, though.