Though everyone was nice and said that all the food at our wedding was delicious (thanks, everyone, for being so polite!), I heard many rave reviews about these potato pancakes.  Sadly, Martin and I ate NOT A ONE.  Waylaid far away from the door that food was slowly making its way out of, not one potato pancake came our way.

And, of course, it was all I could think of when I got home.  Potato pancakes.  Potato Pancakes.  Potato potahto pancakes.  I wrote to the caterer, requesting the recipe, but didn’t hear from them.  I thought I’d be able to mash something together when I thought about Googling for it.  And lo and behold, I found this:

I suppose the odds of someone inventing something so original, it cannot be found on the intarwebs are truly small indeed.  In this case, I can probably credit Wolfgang Puck for coming up with the idea (maybe?) and then my caterer for finding it and introducing it to us.  The only difference, I believe, is that Wolfgang Puck used caviar and my caterer used ikura, the big round orange salmon eggs.

So I went around town and picked up all the ingredients.  I even decided to go the extra mile and try to find masago but no one, not even the local Asian market, had this stuff.  Eventually, I gave up and decided to use smelt roe (masago) instead, which I keep in stock for when I feel like making sushi and which I do not have crazy problems finding.

Overall verdict:  DELICIOUS.  I could definitely see why everyone liked them.  What’s to hate about a warm, crispy potato pancake and some nice smoked salmon, rounded out with some tangy creme fraiche?  Nothing, I say!

I meant to serve this for dinner with a salad to redeem it.  Instead, we just ate a whole bunch of potato pancakes.  I should have known that would happen.

The recipe calls for 2 tbsp. worth of shredded potato per pancake, which I thought would be too small at first, but when pressed flat, ended up being just right.  When doubled up to 4 tbsp. (1/4 cup), the potato pancake was on the thick side and didn’t get that nice crispness that the smaller pancake did.  Also, as another note, this made more than the 12 pancakes the recipe claims it yields.  And since I wanted to cook all the pancakes before serving, I think I would keep them warm in the oven next time rather than letting them sit out on a plate.

Overall, very delicious.  I have 2 more russet potatoes and am considering making this dish again, this week.  That’s how much I liked it.