Yesterday, I had the great fortune of doing two things I love: celebrating a friend’s birthday and eating fabulous cake.  The Birthday Girl was none other than K-J-E-R-S-T-I, KJERSTI!

Two of Kjersti’s friends, Melissa and Mabel, hosted her birthday party and also laid out the yummiest spread I have had in awhile.  Martin loved the pasta-that-tasted-like-pizza (that is exactly how he described it and exactly how it tasted, too!).  But I could not take my eyes off of the amazing cake, even though I wasn’t even the birthday girl!  (Sorry, Kjersti).

Take a peek:

Can I be forgiven if I somehow also managed to get a picture of the birthday girl WITH her cake?  I think I also had pictures when she was about to blow out her cake, but they came out a bit blurry.

Amazing looking, huh?  And amazing tasting.  This was a four-layer cake (2 layers each red velvet and almond) and made by Mabel and Melissa.  I can honestly say the red velvet was some of the BEST red velvet I have ever tasted and since it is my favorite cake and all, I have tasted many a dry, disappointing red velvet in my time.  This was not the case by any means and I was sad my stomach was already full from other food.  My stomach, however, was probably relieved I did not try to stuff more food into it (you got off easy this time, stomach!).

I love how you can see the texture in the frosting, even when taken by my iPhone camera!

I am definitely going to ask Melissa for the recipe, but I doubt that I will get the same results.  Cake and me don’t get along when it comes time to make it (eating it, definitely not a problem!) … I have never even made a layer cake in my life!  I am much better at other kinds of baked goods (cooooookies) and have learned to fill my cake needs elsewhere if I’m craving some (usually I stuff a brownie in my face and the world is good again.  HA!).

Would you be surprised if I said they opened up a bake store together, wonderfully named Sugar Therapy?  I really admire the fact that they are turning something they love into a business like that, especially because I don’t think I would be able to handle that kind of responsibility.  I think it is so cool!

So thank you, Mabel and Melissa, for being such gracious hosts!  And Mabel, for opening her home to us.  And also to Kjersti, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  You have a beautiful heart and a wonderful joy for life that I think is just amazing.