About a year ago, when I was trying to decide what caterer to pick for our wedding, I came across one who I really liked but who did not do tastings.  I didn’t really consider that to be a problem, until everyone else who had planned a wedding shot little red flags at me.

When I first asked her for a tasting, her solution was for me to go on her website, where she posted the recipes to some of her more popular dishes, and make them myself.  So while I ended up not going with that particular catering company, I did take her advice and followed one of her recipes.  Specifically, I made the almond pound cake she was going to make as our wedding cake.

This whole story is pretty much just a long, roundabout way of me explaining how I first tried something almond and fell in love with the taste and scent of almond.  I just love it, both in soap and on food.

So if you are like me, you will LOVE these cookies.  I am usually a chewy cookie gal, so the fact that they are very fluffy, more cake than cookie, and I still loved them should not be taken lightly.

The dough had almond extract and almond paste in it, but the cookie will not taste overwhelmingly like almond once baked.  But that’s okay, because they’re topped by an almond glaze that really brings it over the top.  These are some damn good cookies.

As a note, I have not actually managed to find almond paste at any traditional grocery store.  I only recently accidentally stumbled across it at the Milk Pail European Market in Mountain View.  I bought it for another almond cookie recipe and thankfully had some leftover for these cookies.  The other almond cookie recipe is kosher?  Or vegan?  It consisted of almond paste, sugar and egg whites.  They were chewy and delicious and I’ll talk about them in another post.

I wish I could share a picture with you but instead I’ll share the recipe, which I am so glad to have found here.  She takes better pictures than I ever could, anyway.  😉