Right as I pulled up the blog to post, Lean on Me came up on iTunes.  I felt it was so apt.  I was going to talk about Thanksgiving and how grateful and lucky and blessed I feel, so it felt like a pretty good song to get me in the mood.

Yesterday was the first Thanksgiving dinner that Martin and I hosted.  As he knows all too well, though the winter holiday season is my absolute favorite time of year, I tend to get terribly homesick.  Growing up, Thanksgiving was the holiday that my parents hosted and both sides of the family always descended upon us.  I am so used to noise, laughter, chatter, too much food and generally being surrounded by people.

So there I was, prepping the turkey and there was a very different vibe:  calm, quiet, serene.  Just me in the kitchen, slowly chopping and prepping and cooking while Martin sat on the couch, playing on the PS3.  My cozy little family.  It wasn’t any less nice, just different.

So here is a random list of things  I am thankful for.  I put the really sappy things first, so feel free to skip if you’re trying not to get a toothache.  🙂

– Martin!  Who eats all my crazy cooking adventures, eats everything I make (even when it’s a disaster) and puts up with me in all my moods.
– The friends who sat at our table and created a wonderful Thanksgiving 2009.  Who laughed with us through the night, who teach me so much, who I am so glad are part of our lives.
– My family and Martin’s, who make us feel loved every day.
– The beautiful wedding we had in September!  I like to hug the memories close to my heart, I felt so completely loved all day.  Another day this year besides Thanksgiving, to remember how blessed I am.
– The friends who weren’t at our table, but were there in spirit, in our hearts.
– Catchy music that makes me always want to burst into song.
– Tights.  They keep your legs warm so you can wear dresses ALL WINTER.
– Biscuits and barbecue and Goodberrys, oh my!
– Airplanes, to make the distance from NC not such a great one.
– The fact that ballet slippers are trendy.  Anything that can be considered ‘dressy’ and yet keeps me out of heels is great in my book.
– “Just because” emails, phone calls and letters.

I guess now it’s devolving into a “THINGS I LIKE” list so I’ll just stop while I’m ahead.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!