One of my first orders of duty upon returning to North Carolina was to hit up a Bojangles.  Biscuits and sweet tea – pretty necessary.  Biscuits, sweet tea and good friends?  Totally necessary and no trip to North Carolina is complete without it!

Can you just smell the butter?

While there, inevitably, the conversation turned to food:  food we’d eaten, food we’d cooked, food so good we about passed out from joy upon eating it, food that … well, you got the point and I’m not Bubba Gump, I don’t think I could go on listing anymore.  🙂

John bragged about an amazing apple pie he recently baked and, of course, Brian was having none of that.  And with them fighting words, a competition was born!  I’ll be sure to post the results, which will be determined by the guests of Rachel’s Post-Christmas-Party on Sunday!

As it stands:

Enter pie(s) of your choice into one of two categories, Most Creative Pie or Most Awesome Pie Maker.  The Most Awesome Pie Maker portion has set the control as ‘apple pie.’

I think this might be the first pie competition I’m going to where all of the contestants so far are men.  I will admit that all of the smack talk making the rounds has intimidated me … I mean, I would be going head to head with some very experienced pie makers!  But Brian keeps encouraging me and I do have full use of his kitchen if I choose … so we’ll see if I make one or turn chicken and go with homemade egg nog instead.  🙂

PS.  Brian, I like that sweater on you!