Why hello there, pot pie.  There are many reasons why you are delicious, but I think you had me at “cheddar scallion biscuit topping.”

Everyone knows that biscuit topping on pot pie is the BEST!! I mean, if by “everyone” you mean “me.”  Because it’s true.  I am super fond of biscuit topping.  I love it on my cobbler and I love it here, on my pot pies.  If I could eat just biscuit topping, I would.  And I do.  I call it “biscuit topping in the buff.”  Just kidding, I call it “biscuits!”  Exclamation required.

I usually just make a plain buttermilk biscuit topping for my pot pies but was instantly intrigued when I found the recipe here.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, so it was inevitable that I would make it.

I modified the recipe to suit my own refrigerator.  For example, I had a few leftover drumsticks from another recipe, so I simmered them in water until they were fall apart tender and added it to the pot.  I also skipped the steps where you make your own veggie broth and just used chicken broth I already had on hand.  When I added the broth and the milk, it became super watery.  I mean, seriously super watery.  So I left the skillet uncovered and simmered … and simmered … and simmered some more until finally it had the consistency I wanted.

This recipe was delicious the night of and even better the next day, after all the flavors had time to really mix together.  And I think I might never, ever go back to a plain buttermilk biscuit topping again!

Also, I found this website when searching for why it’s called pot pie.  It lists lots of information about pot pie, but this is the one I found the most interesting:

“And a pot pie must be made in a pot this is completely lined with crust.  Originally, this crust was not eaten; it was there to keep the taste of the iron away from the food.”

Thank goodness we don’t have to abide by that anymore, because pot pie without a biscuit topping can’t be called pot pie in my book.  🙂