This year, I made three New Year’s resolutions:  1/ Floss everyday (I make this resolution every year because I am completely lame like that).  2/  Run a half-marathon with my friend Emily.  The “with Emily” part is just as important as the “run a half-marathon” part.  3/  Make every single ice cream in David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop.  Yes, even the weird flavors like green pea and roquefort-and-honey.

So far, I’ve gone in order of the book and made the first two:  vanilla and chocolate.  Groundbreaking ice cream making, truly.

But it has left me with a lot of egg whites.  I usually freeze egg whites and by “usually,” I mean I read about my friend Penney doing it and started doing it myself.  But I have never actually made anything using my defrosted egg whites … yet.

And I still haven’t. After making the custard for the vanilla ice cream, I decided to take the leftover egg whites and make chocolate meringue kisses.

Obviously, I have no piping skills.  And my one perfectly formed kiss is out of focus!

I’ve never made meringue kisses (though I once attempted pavlovas) and I was so excited when these turned out perfectly.  As I was spooning the meringue fluffiness into a Ziploc bag, I marveled at how stiff the mixture felt.  I was worried that the egg whites would lose their lift once transferred and squeezed, but these definitely felt like they would keep their shape once piped out.

I thought they tasted great – they had a hard exterior that melted away in your mouth to reveal a fluffy, marshmallow-y center.  They were just like the meringues Martin and I ate in Sweden … except they were chocolate.  Which I liked.  Martin, not so much.

Heady from the success of these meringues and hoping to make ones Martin would actually like and eat, I tried again a week later to make plain jane vanilla ones.  And let’s just say you will be seeing a post from me at But I Suck At Cooking sometime soon.  🙂