Tonight, I made fish sandwiches for dinner.  I know that phrasing sort of evokes this image:


But really what I made looked more like this:

More New Orleans po’boy and less value meal item.  Mine definitely did not come out looking so nice though.

Martin and I are still trying to purge the excess of Vegas from our bodies, so we have been trying to eat a bit healthier.  Or at least, not eat any beef (man, we ate a lot of beef this past weekend).  I had every intention of doing a simple Cajun broil of some white fish and sticking it between bread, stuffed with plenty of vegetables and even doing a salad side.

Instead, while flipping through my cookbooks to find a remoulade recipe, I found a recipe that discussed meuniere, both the sauce and technique.  The sauce is a combination of lemon, brown butter and parsley.  The technique is just dredging in flour before frying in butter.  So easy!  So delicious!  And … also easy!

Out went any thoughts of broiling.  I cooked the fish and mixed up the remoulade from this recipe.  Then I spread it on toasted French bread and topped it with ruby-red tomatoes (is it tomato season now?  I’ve noticed much prettier, riper looking tomatoes at the grocery store lately!), baby lettuce leaves and thick-cut red onion slices.

I thought the result was so delicious, if not as healthy as I originally wanted.  The crispy bread and fish paired really well with the spicy mustard.  Martin even called it the best fish sandwich he ever had.  I’m not sure how many fish sandwiches he’s had in his lifetime, but I’ll take that.  🙂