Yesterday, we had a Superbowl party and I had so much fun.  I hope everyone else did, too, since we weren’t expecting quite so many people and our seating situation was limited.  We somehow managed to fit 16 people into our little living room!

I was also a bit worried about the food situation, but it all seemed to work out.  Here’s what we served, for those who might want to make a particular item again:

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies – I made about 24.
Buffalo Wings – If your wings were half frozen like mine when attempting to cut them, using scissors are much more efficient than a knife.  Also, not using a glass cutting board would have helped too.  I used 3 lbs. (14 wings) instead of two and doubled the sauce.
Chili Con Queso
Homemade Guacamole
Bob’s Awesome Homemade Chili – Bob brought this and it was delicious!  Just the right ratio of meat to beans.
Chocolate Chip Cookies – about 18
Malted Milk Ice Cream – This was my fourth batch of ice cream!  I think it holds the record in fastest consumption time out of all the batches I’ve made.
Banana Bread
Carrot and celery sticks, served with peanut butter and ranch dressing

At the end of the night, we had 2 drumettes left and a generous serving of queso.  Minimal leftovers are good, but I hope no one went home hungry!

Thanks again to everyone for coming.  🙂