Every now and then, I have a brief (but passionate!) love affair with avocados.  I will eat them all the time, on pretty much everything.  Then I will realize how much avocado I’ve eaten, start to feel a little sick and abstain for awhile.  And then, wax on, wax off, I’m at it again.

It’s been easy to re-acquaint myself with my love of avocados now … there are so many in the grocery stores once again and are very reasonably priced.

Besides slicing them and eating them on everything, I like to make guacamole.  Everyone has their own way of making it and here’s mine.

I like my guacamole a bit chunky, so I cut the avocado into cubes before scooping them out of their skin.  Then I mash with my fork a little bit, just to soften up the edges and break everything up a bit.

To that, I add, to taste:  finely minced red onion, de-seeded and de-stemmed finely minced jalapeno, some salt and pepper, some lime juice and then a few shakes of Tabasco sauce and a sprinkle of garlic powder.  Mash some more, taste to check flavors, add more as needed.  I’ve tried to quantify and I think my ratios are the following:

2 avocados
1 thick slice red onion
1 jalapeno (with a few seeds, just so I can walk on the wild side)
Juice from 1/2 lime
8 – 10 shakes of Tabasco
5 – 6 grinds of pepper (I like it peppery!) and salt each

Guacamole purists everywhere are probably groaning, but I like how using garlic powder makes the garlic flavor consistent throughout the guacamole.  I like my guacamole to be creamy, but to also have a bit of a kick.

Everyone is different, so it’s hard to make a guacamole that will please everyone.  Just gotta please yourself in that case.  🙂  Especially when it means more avocado for me!