My recent back pain has put me out of commission, cooking-wise.  New Years resolutions be damned, I haven’t made any ice cream since I hurt it, for two very selfish reasons:  1/  The first week was agonizingly painful.  2/  Since I haven’t been able to exercise due to my bad back, I haven’t wanted to put super unhealthy food near me, for fear of getting super fat by the time my back heals.  And with each batch of ice cream calling for 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and a cup of half and half?  It was the first thing to be banned.

But I made this one before I hurt my back, twice in a row, actually.  I debuted it at our Superbowl party and it was such a hit (and I got so little of it), that I decided I had to make it again, so I could “test its merits.”  Heh heh.  Plus, I had all this lovely malted milk powder I’d scoured half of Mountain View for and no other purpose to use it.

Ahh, I’m so good at enabling myself.

It probably doesn’t look that great here, all milky white and pitted like the surface of the moon.  But I promise you, it is delicious! David Leibovitz himself said this was the one ice cream flavor he refused to part with, in all his experimenting for the book’s recipes.

And I believe it.  I mean, for one thing, it made me into a malt lover!  Before, I was not a fan of malted things at all.  Whoppers?  The first to go into the “give away” as a kid when sorting through my Halloween stash.  Malted milkshakes?  Could be yummy, but a sip or two was enough to satisfy any craving I had for the next six months.

But now?  Now I actually enjoy that distinctive malt flavor!

So everyone should try this flavor when they get a chance.  You won’t regret it!

Because I’m laaaaazy and someone already did the work for me, I shall link the recipe here.